Introducing The Columns Companion

We all know that targeting existing columns and sections within newspapers and magazines is a great way to maximise coverage potential. Why try to invent the wheel when journalists are actively looking for content to fill these regular slots?

But wading through media outlets and making a note of each and every section relevant to your clients is time-consuming.

For a busy PR, especially those independent consultants without the luxury of a team to help, it can fall by the way-side: sometime not done, sometimes half completed and other times done but then not routinely updated so the info becomes obsolete.

So my “Columns Companion” is a brand new product that does all the hard work for you!

Focussing on UK national newspapers and their supplements, it lists all the different regular sections, columns, products slots etc across a range of topics to help you target your media outreach*.

These are: Arts & Entertainment; City & Business; Columnists; Fashion & Beauty; Food & Drink; Gardening; Health & Wellbeing; Lifestyle; Motoring; Personal Finance; Property & Interiors; Science & Technology; Shopping & Product slots; Sport, Travel. Regular interview slots (eg celebrities, real life, business figures) are also identified.

Provided as a simple Excel document, it is fully editable and customisable by you to suit your own needs..

The Columns Companion has already clocked up some rave reviews from the PR community:


“I’ve never seen such a clear and concise way  of documenting all of this. I’ve done or briefed execs to create something similar a few times over the years and it has always lost its way!”


“I’m over the moon with the list.  It’s comprehensive and a huge time-saver!”


And all this for just £60!**

A price point that makes it worth the investment even if you think only a few sections are relevant to you and your clients…and an absolute bargain if you have clients across a range of sectors!

So if you’d like to save yourself a tonne of time and effort, get in touch!


*The information in the Columns Companion was obtained from newspapers during November 2020 so information will be accurate for that time frame. 

**This is the price for independent PR consultants and small agencies. The price for larger agencies is on application.

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