Delegation to a T: Identifying what to outsource to a Virtual Assistant


You’re rushed off your feet, your to-do list is never-ending and your stress levels are rising…but you took positive action and hired a Virtual Assistant.   But now what?  What tasks should you outsource?

The starting point is identifying your core role. 

There are several ways we can drill down exactly how best I can benefit you and your business.  However, the key thing is that you need to think about what your core role is.

What is it that you do for a living and love?  What is your value to your clients?  Why did you go into business in the first place?

Because the purpose of working with a VA is to free up your time so you can focus on the activities you love and/or need to do, rather than get bogged down with the minutiae of running your business. 

Once you have identified how your time is best spent, you can start outsourcing tasks to a VA.

Let it go…

The biggest challenge my many clients is that they’re used to doing everything themselves and find it difficult to delegate.    

Learning to let go is vital if I’m going to be a truly effective VA to you. 

However, trust is a major factor in clients feeling able to let go.   I understand this and if my experience doesn’t automatically tick that box then we can take baby steps.  Start by outsourcing smaller tasks to me before building on these as our working relationships develops. 

So how do we tackle your to do list?

I call it delegation to a T!

Start by writing down everything on your to do list. Try to focus on a particular time frame (eg this week, this month, this quarter).

Then categorise tasks by the below Six Ts.

Anything left over are the activities you should focus on…the rest can be outsourced to me.

The Six Ts

1) Tiny

  • Tasks that are so small they seem inconsequential to tackle but they add up. They are never important or urgent, and even if they only take a few minutes they end up taking you out of the flow of more strategic work.
  • For example, registering for a conference, adding it to your calendar, and booking the hotel and flight. On their own, each of these things may not take much time but, taken together, they all add up.

2) Tedious

  • Tasks that are relatively simple but are probably not the best use of your time.
  • For example, manually inputting 100 new biz prospects into a spreadsheet, or researching room hire costs and availability for a meeting.

3) Time-Consuming

  • Tasks that may be important but are time-consuming and don’t need your input throughout.
  • Delegate the majority of the task and step in where appropriate to give approval and direction on next steps etc

4) Teachable

  • Tasks that can be passed on with you providing initial instructions, quality checks and final approval.
  • For example, teaching how to complete a client’s monthly evaluation report or how to post content on the company website.

5) Terrible At

  • Tasks that don’t play to your strengths but play to mine! You’ll take far longer than me to do these type of tasks and possibly produce a below par result.
  • For example, creating visually impactful PowerPoint slides for a meeting.

6) Time Sensitive

  • Tasks that are time-sensitive but compete with your equally important other priorities. Delegate important and urgent tasks so that they can be done in parallel to what you already have to work on.
  • For example, changing a flight reservation whilst you’re in an all-day meeting.
Crystal clear delegation

Once you’ve identifying the tasks to delegate, it’s important to have give your VA a clear brief and goals.

What you want them to do and the overall goal/outcome

  • (eg “obtain media kits for this list of online influencers including number of followers by social channel, follower demographics and services offered”)

When the task needs to be completed or how much time they should spend on it

  • (eg: “by the end of the week” or “do as much as you can over two hours…we’ll finish the rest”)

If there are any particular processes they should use to complete the task

  • (eg “transpose all info into this spreadsheet, save the media kits in this folder and include a link to the file on the spreadsheet”

Do have a look at my Services page to see the range of tasks I offer…maybe that will inspire you to get in touch!

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